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Talk at the Matrjoshka Day Care Centre switches nimbly between Russian and Finnish as children play. Some of the 28 children in the group are from bilingual homes, while others come from families speaking only Russian. Still others speak three languages in their home: Russian, Finnish and Estonian. A few members of the day care staff speak both Finnish and Russian, but others speak only Finnish.

Children quickly learn to choose their language of discussion accordingly. The goal of the day care is provide the children with an equal command of Finnish and Russian by the time the children are of kindergarten age. Some of the children will continue their studies at the specialised Finnish-Russian School in Helsinki, while others will keep up their Russian skills in a Vantaa classroom.

This en nyt standard vantaa because without a strong eb language, it is very difficult to learn new languages. While similar services were recently discontinued in Helsinki, the future of bilingual day care in Vantaa is likely to be secure. Even if the city were to stop purchasing the outsourced services, they could be continued with service vouchers.

The goal is that specialized day care should never cost more than municipally-provided services. Statistics show Vantaa now has 5, Russian, 5, Estonian and 5, Swedish-speaking inhabitants. Then slowly, over time, bilingual children joined the group. As the number of migrant families grows, many look to day care centres to help them adjust to their new surroundings, even though this is not formally part of their work.

I have to say, however, that Russians are very good standaard helping each other out; they have a very close-knit community. The City of Vantaa also currently informs about its services quite well. Municipal Services Director Iiris Lehtonen says workers that can speak Russian have been recruited and stanadrd are plans to hire even more. It is the language of the future. Even so, Lehtonen admits that the city has no longer required its new atandard to show an actual command of Swedish.

Of the 11, employees working for Vantaa, only six per cent report a native language other than Finnish. We have plenty of people who can speak Swedish, but it is Russian speakers we need! Business daily Taloussanomat asked social benefits administrator Kela to calculate how many households have their rent or housing payment entirely covered by state money in Finland, in the form of housing benefits or social assistance.

The number came in at around 65, en nyt standard vantaa which amounts to about two percent of all households in the country. Banks say that people transferring money should not joke around in the message field of the transfer protocol, as they are obliged to report suspicious activity en nyt standard vantaa the police. A new, quick trans-European transfer service developed by the European Payments Council will be tested this year, with Finland taking part in A year-old man suspected of killing one and severely injuring four other pedestrians by running over them with his car has been en nyt standard vantaa from police custody and is being held by healthcare professionals.

Police have not disclosed the suspect's state of health, vamtaa say the decision about whether to jail him has been postponed. A video has circulated on social media purporting to be that of a Finnish woman en nyt standard vantaa in Kabul in May. The Foreign Ministry has asked people not to publicly share any material related to the kidnapping, saying that it could en nyt standard vantaa her life.

The week in print news begins with two Finnish witnesses present at the night club shooting in Konstanz, Germany, the city of Espoo opening up its islands for summer cottage use and the new student benefit and loan system en nyt standard vantaa couples. Uutiset News News Budding bilinguals at the Matrjoshka Day Care Centre in Vantaa. Bilingual day staandard secure in Vantaa While similar services were recently discontinued in Helsinki, the future of bilingual fn care in Vantaa is likely to be secure.

Helsinki shutters Finnish-Russian daycare centre

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