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Eve the Golden Girl, the Cover Girl, the Girl Next Door, the Girl on the Moon. Time has deitt salo good to Eve. Life goes where she deitt salo. You all know All About Eve. Probably just as well, given that my initial reaction to the album was some kind of stupefied awe and I doubt that I could have written anything particularly coherent about it for a few months anyway. Once it got to December and I was gathering together my lists for the albums and songs of the year, Sleater-Kinney loomed so large over my listening for that it was possibly a little dishonest to restrict Sleater-Kinney to only three songs in my favourite twenty songs of the year.

As I reflected more and more on No Cities To Love while writing these deitt salo, I realised that it was not only clearly my favourite album ofbut it has pretty rapidly become one of my favourite albums of all time. As a result, this selection will almost certainly contain a disproportionate number of tracks from talented female musicians and men with luxurious beards.

I can also absolutely guarantee that there will be several deitt salo by Sleater-Kinney. Musically, started with a bang. On January 20 th Sleater-Kinney released what was pretty obviously going to be my album of the year, Belle Deitt salo Sebastian brought me down with what was the most disappointing album of the year and The Decemberists left me pleasantly surprised with a fantastic album which only just missed out on my top ten.

In fact, my favourite albums of ended up heavily stacked towards the start of the year, with seven of the ten albums released by March 31 deitt salo. Looking at the final list of albums, it seems pretty well balanced between phenomenally talented women, men with luxurious beards, incredibly innovative hip hop and albums with commas in their titles. Looking back overit was quite an extraordinary year for home video releases.

Companies such as Arrow Video, The Criterion Collection, Masters of Cinema and Twilight Time not only released a wealth of fascinating and brilliant films on blu-ray for the first deitt salo, but raised the bar in relation to restoration, packaging and deitt salo. Subsequently, narrowing this list down to only ten releases deitt salo a difficult process, but for me, these are the ten most essential new releases that Deitt salo watched this year.

I mean honestly, what is a Christmas movie without a sex-obsessed alcoholic shopping mall Santa who specialises in both safe-cracking deitt salo foul language, accompanied by a violent and aggressive little helper who is the mastermind of the operation, a woman who is overwhelmingly sexually attracted to Santas, an awkward but wide-eyed kid who has been left largely unsupervised since his father went to prison for a white collar crime, all being tracked by a corrupt and heavily manicured head of mall security who likes to dress like a cowboy?

Sounds like Christmas to me…. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Menu Skip to content Home Movies Now Screening Watch This Reflections The Twelve Films Of Christmas Music Now Playing Listen To This Echoes Tangled Up In Bob Miscellany Stuff Books Nonsense About. May 20, How The Cuss Did They Make A Film Of Fantastic Mr. April 3, 9. March 22, 1. March 8, 0. January 21, 0. January 1, 2.

December 31, 1. December 28, 2.

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