Dating Dirty House Liperi

Some forums can only be seen by dating dirty house liperi members. Really filthy houses are not healthy 2. Can't stand clutter 3. Makes me think this person is lazy 4. I am not entering a relationship where I am basically you're personal maid 5. I basically can't touch anything in that person's house, period. Makes my skin crawl.

What is that living in the house with you? Now, I understand if the person was in the middle of cleaning or had been sick for a day and couldn't do anything. But just leaving dirt and grime sitting for more than a day, week, even months in unacceptable. It probably would be. I like my own space so I won't being staying the night anyway. One of my buddies was a 10 years back, he met another cool 10 woman. He goes back to her house after the date, and dating dirty house liperi hording to the ceiling dirty plates, disgusting.

She was really into him and he into her, but the stench was so bad he bailed after 10 minutes. I consider myself an organized mess. My clothes are always strewn across my room, but for the most part, I know where things are. I'm already messy, so I need a neat freak. Two messy people just spells disaster. Originally Posted by rumpa. I'm not talking about general clutter or "lived in," but dirty dishes sitting in the living areas, visibly dirty floor, etc.

I think for myself, it would be a dating dirty house liperi. I'm sometimes shocked at how dirty seemingly functional adults can be. I'm negotiable on the dirty dishes. I cook at home a lot, so there is always something going on in the kitchen, and rarely are the counters completely clear. The fridge is a better clue. If it's full of healthy, fresh foods, then dirty dishes probably just mean you prioritize cooking.

Originally Posted by IfICould. I used to have one. I named him Robbie. In a way he was like a pet. What other pet vacuums your house? It depends on the level of filth. If its just a few dishes in the sink and clothes on the floor and some dust Dating dirty house liperi could deal with. If I see roaches crawling around and it looks like the bathroom hasn't been cleaned in a month then no. Originally Posted by softcrunch.

That is totally unacceptable unless the dog ate it half way there. Totally a dealbreaker if the person keeps cockroaches as pets. Originally Posted by weezerfan One thing I have tolerance for is a slight level of filth. Not because I'm a filthy person, but because I've seen some filthy places. I hooked up with a woman back when I was 24 and it was the first and only time I was greeted with a level of filth I couldn't stand.

I came in and there was just a random piece of ham on the floor. I go into the bathroom and there's a turd floating in the toilet. The overall feel of her place was disorganized and cluttered. I'm not the strongest duster, even though I do dust. I'm just not a every week or every other week duster. I do keep my dishes washed and my counter tops cleaned. Every now and then a stove stain will be present, but then I clean it as well.

Cleanliness is in the eye of the beholder. You can never be too clean is my motto, but I have a tendency not to judge to dating dirty house liperi on someone's cleanliness initially. I'm more concerned in how they treat me. It doesn't matter to a hill of beans if they treat me like crap and they have a very clean place. Originally Posted by vigueur I married someone who fronted a clean lifestyle. As soon as we got married, the once constant cleaner became a dating dirty house liperi slob.

Dishes, and my biggest pet peeve, wet towels covering the bathroom floor. Clogged sinks, hair stuck to the glass of the shower, as well as the tile. She did other things, but that was what led to most of the problems. My nightmare lasted 5 years, and that was 3 years too long! Originally Posted by elnina. Yes, it would make me question personal hygiene too.

Not to mention that I would never eat, drink, sleep or use bathroom at their place. Originally Posted by Bluesmama. If you are on the neatnik side then you need to think about the "extended forecast". Neatniks and slobs cannot change each other. Can you tolerate being inside her house? Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum.

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