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RSS feed of this list. Box 33 Yliopistonkatu 4 University of Helsinki, Finland. University Homepage Contact Help. Home Researchers Publications Projects Research Units Activities Research Infrastructure. Research Units Faculty of Educational Sciences Publications. RSS feed of this list 1 - 20 out of 16, Page size: Created date Title Publication year Type. Standard Long Harvard Vancouver Author APA. The effect of stereoscopic viewing in a word-search task with a layered background Mizobuchi, S.

Journal of the Dating akademi laukaa for Information Display. The effectiveness of short- and long-term psychotherapy on personality functioning during a 5-year follow-up Lindfors, O. Journal of Affective Disorders. Intensive studying or restlessness in the classroom: Does the quality of control matter? Teaching dating akademi laukaa Teacher Education. Tools, Pedagogical Models, and Best Practices for Digital Storytelling dating akademi laukaa Media-Making in the Classroom Multisilta, J.

What is evidence required for and who generated that evidence in the Finnish Educational System? Educational Governance Research; vol. How do school children and adolescents perceive the nature of talent development? A case study from Finland Kuusisto, E. Research findings on mindset and academic achievement Zhang. Revisiting the Neural Basis of Acquired Amusia: Lesion Patterns and Structural Changes Underlying Amusia Recovery Sihvonen, A.

Suomi vuotta ja psykologia. Perfectionism and depressive symptoms: The effects of psychological detachment dating akademi laukaa work Gluschkoff, K. Personality and Individual Differences. Taitojen vihko Rantala, J. Oppilaan kirja Maskonen, T. Opettajan opas Maskonen, T. Taitojen vihko Maskonen, T. Homophilous Friendship Assortment Based on Personality Traits and Cognitive Ability in Middle Childhood: The Moderating Effect of Peer Network Size Ilmarinen, V-J.

European Journal of Personality. Formative Interventions for Expansive Learning and Transformative Agency Sannino, A. Routledge50 p. Oppilaan kirja Rantala, J. Aug Sanoma Pro. Motiivi, lukion psykologia, lops Publication: People who don't live what we live don't understand: Youths' experiences of hypermobility Benjamin, S. University of Helsinki P. Box 33 Yliopistonkatu 4 University of Helsinki, Finland Phone:

Faculty of Educational Sciences

Pratt Mark Lynn Japan. The Chemistry, Properties and Tests of Precious Stones by Mastin, John, Note 1 Geology and Earth Resources. Geological Survey of Finland - Report of Investigation Uploaded by Can Ozer. Preliminary Economic Assessment for the Vizcachitas CopperMolybdenum Project. Upload Sign in Join close user settings menu Options. Reflection of Culture and Society in the Poetry of R. Osama bin Laden Sea Burial.

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